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This should answer many of your questions, but of course, if you have any more, we are here for you!

If you still have questions, please fill out the contact form.  Once you do, you'll get an automated email that covers A LOT more ground!

What's Included

Personal Consultation
—Pngtree—vector woman icon_4187273.png
All Female Staff
Wardrobe Guide
Professional Hair/Makeup
Customized Posing
System for Body Types
2  Hour Photoshoot
Professional Photo 
Wall Art and/or 
Album Design
Photo Reveal
Ordering Session
Complete Privacy

I'm not a professional model.
Do you work with everyday women?

We ONLY work with everyday women.
All pictures on this website are showing our real boudoir clients.

And guess what? Even models often don't look like models in real life. They have cellulite, stretch marks, and acne, just like every other human being.

Having confidence and believing in yourself is what makes fantastic pictures. These sessions are all about getting pampered, having fun, and letting go of your insecurities.


I don't know how to pose.
Will you guide me during a session?

Yes!  You don't need to worry about a thing.  Jenna has trained extensively with some of the industry's best.  You can be sure that you will be posed in the most flattering way with the most flattering lighting.

During the session, Jenna will give you very simple directions on posing.  Phrases such as, "look up at me with your eyes," etc.  In addition to verbal instructions, she will also demonstrate each pose.


Should I hit the gym before my shoot?

ABSOLUTELY... NOT!  You are perfect as you are.  Jenna has years of experience working with curvy and plus-size women.  IT DOES NOT matter what size you are.  She has extensively studied posing, lighting, and wardrobe to be able to you in the most flattering way possible.  With our posing system, Jenna can accentuate your curves and highlight your favorite features.  This is done WITHOUT photoshop.  Posing is an art form, and our clients benefit from our years of experience posing all different body shapes!  Boudoir photography isn't for everyone, but it is for everyBODY.


Girl, what do I wear?!

We got you covered!  Once you book, you will receive our complimentary wardrobe guide to help you prepare.  You'll also get a couple of emails with tips and tricks on how to prepare.  If that's not enough, shoot Jenna a picture or screenshot of what you're thinking of buying, and she will give you her honest opinion.  We usually have time for 3 outfit changes, but you are more than welcome to bring as many outfits as you can fit a suitcase.  We will help you sort through all the items you bring and narrow them down.  If you can't find anything, we can do wonders with a plain white sheet.   


Will my photos end up on your website and social media?

We would love to show you off and inspire other women to book the shoot, but we respect your privacy above all!  We even have confidentiality agreements for those who "never stepped foot in our studio."  Wink wink.   The images we use publically are the ones we have permission to. 
There is NEVER any pressure to let us publish your photos.     


Do I need to find someone to do my hair and makeup?

Not at all!  All sessions (except model calls) include hair and makeup.  One of our insanely talented hair and makeup artists will get you ready IN our studio.  We love doing it this way because it gives you time to get comfortable with us, lessens the odds of a hair/makeup failure on the way to the studio, and makes for a lot of fun and cutting up while you get ready.  It's a good time!

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