Jenna Adaway

I believe that all women should feel as beautiful and powerful as they are. Boudoir photography isn't just for pretty pictures. Granted that is a bonus at the end of the session, but it's about igniting something in yourself that you may have lost or haven't found yet.


I finally did my own session (which was rather difficult BTW) and something happened to me that I didn't anticipate. I expected to look at my pictures and pick myself apart because I'm self conscious, have a mommy belly, and cellulite. These things have ruined my self image and I thought that's all I'd see when I looked at that first picture, but I was wrong. I realized my husband still looks at me the way he did when we met because he doesn't see the things I do. Those things don't make me who I am. Thanks to the lighting, wardrobe, and proper posing I saw a proud/strong woman who gets to do what she loves everyday.

I didn't start out as a boudoir photographer, but I fell in love with it because it's amazing for a woman's soul. 


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